KudaGuru – How the Position of the Rider influences the Horse’s Movement?

KudaGuru – How the Position of the Rider influences the Horse’s Movement?

The Ashleigh Sanderson Clinic on How the Position of the Rider influences the Horse’s Movement

How do we communicate with our horses? Via cues or pressures? A correct seat gives you the tools to give these cues precisely, and clearly, improving your communication with your horses! This was the theme of Ashleigh Sanderson’s clinic to some fifty-odd equestrians from all over the country and as far away as Sarawak and Singapore. They and Ashleigh braved the sweltering heat of the day to learn what rider biomechanics is all about. The term rider biomechanics describes how the rider uses their body during riding and how their posture affects the horse and its way of moving.

To quote Ashleigh :

 “A proper seat gives the rider stability, core strength, lightness, flexibility in the joints and the ability to exert precise pressures or cues to communicate what you want your horse to do. If the rider is unstable and their leg is constantly moving, the horse then has difficulty differentiating between this constant leg movement and an actual leg cue. Combining an understanding of how the horse learns with improved rider biomechanics make a whole riding experience more harmonious and satisfying.”

Ashleigh is a rider biomechanics expert and hails from England and makes frequent visits to the region, offering her services to groups as well as individuals. MEM wishes to thank the Coaching Panel for arranging this clinic. We also would like to thank coaches Wan Ming, Syakir and Rahizza who did a splendid job on their mounts; AK, Admiral and Remi, as demonstrators. MEM will endeavour to organise more upskilling and reskilling courses in the near future, so keep a look out for announcements on our website; Facebook and Instagram.


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