“The horse industry is a diverse and wide-reaching sector, requiring the many services it needs to function as an important economic contributor to the country.”

“As with any industry, having proper education is essential to gaining employment working with horses.”

“The Equestrian Community and the Government recognizes that coaching is central to the development of sport at every level and good coaches are essential in the successful delivery of the sport.”

Accreditation of Equestrian Coaches

  • Providing qualified coaching services, particularly in the teaching of beginner riders.
  • Developing agreed codes of practice and standards of operation and safety.

International Group of Equestrian Qualifications

Council is a member of the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ). The group has recognized our Coaching Qualifications Program and it has been placed in equivalency of the International Level 1 Coach Matrix. Council’s coaches are eligible to apply for the International Trainer’s Passport, which provides portable evidence of the Coach’s qualifications and is recognized by over 35 National Federations and the FEI.




Training in General Horse Care and Management

  • Increase knowledge and understanding on the care and management of stabled horse through the conduct of the National Orientation Level Course in Basic Horse Care.
  • Increase awareness on safety when working around horses.
  • Updating personal skills through provision of elective subjects in riding; lungeing a horse for schooling; training for obedience; riding on the flat; riding over jumps and cross-country.