Established for over 25 years, our riding school provides a wide variety of equine activities across a broad range of skill levels and ages. We cater for the young inexperienced child starting the age of 7 years old and adult rider with a keen interest in horses through to the more experienced competition rider.

At Malaysian Equine Council, you have a lot of funĀ in a friendly, safe and relaxed environment. You will learn all the necessary horse skills from riding right through to how to care for a horse and pony.

We presently carry approximately 16-18 ponies and horses that are ideally suited to a variety of rider skill levels and ages.

What We Offer

  • Private lessons and Group lessons (2-4 experienced riders)
  • Day Camp for children
  • EA Introductory Riding & Horse Management Courses
  • Riding Clinics

A Riding Waiver Form must be signed by each client (or parent if the pupil is under the age of 18) for the event year.